The Practice

Studio-G Associates was founded in 2007 by architect Noel Barrowclough and silent partner Steff Wright. In 2012 they partnered with architect Gary Fellows and structural engineer Roger Gascoigne.

SGA are located in the Nottinghamshire village of Collingham and are proud to work from ‘eco-offices’ built as part of a mixed use development completed in 2000.

We are committed to understanding our clients through our innovative design approach, architectural skill and a thorough understanding of sustainability, providing them with design solutions that exceed their expectations. The fundamentals of our design approach are:

  • We are a client centred practice and all our staff are highly experienced in working to understand our client’s needs before proceeding with the design process.
  • We believe that good quality design should be a minimum expectation and that architecture should be inspiring and uplifting to those that come in contact with it.
  • We are committed to sustainable design and take care to ensure that the building is designed and specified to minimise energy requirements. We will advise our clients on the most appropriate technology for their individual needs, as not all technology is suitable for every building or user.
  • We thrive on challenges and resolving demanding design problems. Often the most interesting designs are a result of seeking solutions to seemingly impossible problems.